Feature Release: Passing Transaction Fee to Members

We have just released a feature that allows subgroups to pass transaction fees on to their members. Here’s a breakdown of how it works:

Previously, the fee was automatically taken out of a member’s payment, which meant subgroups/chapters had to pay for it.

Now each subgroup/chapter has the option to deactivate this feature.  If they do not deactivate it, members will see the fee when making a payment or scheduling a recurring payment.

New Payment Options section

This new feature is located in the Finance Admin section (Apps dropdown -> Finance Admin -> Payment Options). To edit this setting, you must be the Admin or have Finance Admin permission. You can also choose to accept or decline Amex cards from this section.

Members are notified of this fee in our payment portal

Once a member reaches the payment portal they can view the breakdown of their payment and transaction fees.

Stay tuned for more feature releases this winter!