Feature Release: New Members Tab

New Members Tab

Our goal at ChapterSpot is to make managing your groups easier, so we’re continuously improving our products to help you do things quickly and efficiently. Keeping track of all your members and making sure that they can access all the information they need can be a tedious and laborious task. We’re here to help!

Today, we are excited to announce our new Members Tab. Same great features as before, but with a more intuitive workflow. Below are the highlights of our new Members Tab. We’d love to hear what you think!

View all your members at once

You can easily view all of your members or filter by status. From this section, you can conveniently select a few members or all members and perform a task. You can also download by status or your entire group.


Resend activation emails

Quickly view which members have been activated, select the ones that have not been activated, and resend activation email.


Update multiple members’ status

Update multiple members’ statuses by selecting the members you want to update and clicking “Update members’ status” from the Options dropdown.


Permissions section

We’ve also added the permissions section into the Members Tab so that you can easily see and edit each member’s permissions.


Assign new member’s permissions or roles

After inviting a member into your group, you can give them the permission they need, or assign a new role.


Let us know how this new Members Tab is working for your organization.  Stay tuned for more updates!