Feature Release: Email Improvements!

We have some updates to the way you communicate to your chapters! You now have the option to add in a logo for your email communications.

This logo will be placed in email headers and sent out to any subgroups/chapters in your organization.

If you do not provide a logo, your organization’s name will be placed in the header. If you would like to add a logo, please send an email to support@chapterspot.com with a TIFF or PNG of your logo and a transparent background. Just note that the optimal image size for this logo is 200 x 60 pixels.

We have also added the option to edit the banner color for groups not in organizations. This will be used as a header color in any email communication to members and as a banner color for the member’s ChapterSpot account.

Lastly you can now easily communicate to chapter’s executive boards from within your Admin group.  When logging in to your Admin portal just click on the button next to each subgroup.  From here you can copy and paste the role’s contact information.

Stay tuned for more updates!