Feature Release: Missing Profile Data

Are you missing key information from your members? We’ve just made member data collection easier!

Groups that want to keep their member’s information up-to-date can use the new “Missing Profile Data” tab in the Members section. This tab will only be available to members with the “Admin” and “Change Members” permissions. Here are a few of the highlights below!

View a breakdown of your group’s profile field data per status.

You can also see a table showing a list of members with missing required profile fields, their phone number, the last time they received an email to update their profile, and the option to update the member’s profile.  From here you also can send a request for an update.

You can filter this table by missing profile field and then request a profile update via email.

You can also update each member’s missing information in one section!

Stay tuned for more updates!

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Feature Release: Email Improvements!

We have some updates to the way you communicate to your chapters! You now have the option to add in a logo for your email communications.

This logo will be placed in email headers and sent out to any subgroups/chapters in your organization.

If you do not provide a logo, your organization’s name will be placed in the header. If you would like to add a logo, please send an email to support@chapterspot.com with a TIFF or PNG of your logo and a transparent background. Just note that the optimal image size for this logo is 200 x 60 pixels.

We have also added the option to edit the banner color for groups not in organizations. This will be used as a header color in any email communication to members and as a banner color for the member’s ChapterSpot account.

Lastly you can now easily communicate to chapter’s executive boards from within your Admin group.  When logging in to your Admin portal just click on the button next to each subgroup.  From here you can copy and paste the role’s contact information.

Stay tuned for more updates!

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Feature Release: Profile Update Request

We know that one of the main difficulties for group leaders is making sure that profile information for members is always current and accurate. With this new feature, maintaining your group’s data has become so much easier.  

Members with the Admin, Change Member, or Invite Member Permissions can now request a profile update from the Members tab. Simply check off the members you want to send the email to, click the “Actions” button, click “Request profile update”, then send the request.

The chosen members will receive an email that looks similar to the one below.

Clicking the link to update will take them to a new page where they can enter their new information and save.

For more updates or more information send us an email at hello@chapterspot.com.



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Feature Release: New Activation Process

Feature Release: New Activation Process


We’re proud to announce our new activation process. This new procedure will seamlessly integrate your new members into your group.

Here’s how it works: newly invited members will receive an email with a link to create their new ChapterSpot account. Once a password has been created, the new members are asked to provide their phone numbers so that they can easily stay in touch with the rest of the group. During the activation process, members are also asked to fill out their profiles.

Scroll down to see some examples!






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Feature Release: Passing Transaction Fee to Members

We have just released a feature that allows subgroups to pass transaction fees on to their members. Here’s a breakdown of how it works:

Previously, the fee was automatically taken out of a member’s payment, which meant subgroups/chapters had to pay for it.

Now each subgroup/chapter has the option to deactivate this feature.  If they do not deactivate it, members will see the fee when making a payment or scheduling a recurring payment.

New Payment Options section

This new feature is located in the Finance Admin section (Apps dropdown -> Finance Admin -> Payment Options). To edit this setting, you must be the Admin or have Finance Admin permission. You can also choose to accept or decline Amex cards from this section.

Members are notified of this fee in our payment portal

Once a member reaches the payment portal they can view the breakdown of their payment and transaction fees.

Stay tuned for more feature releases this winter!



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Updated YouTube Videos

Come check out our updated videos on YouTube!  If you are a newly elected officer watch our 2 minute “how-to” videos to learn how to add in your membership roster, create chapter-wide events, and add charges.

Headquarter organizations we also updated our ChecklistApp video to help you utilize our app better.  Learn how to create and assign forms and what new features you have available to you.

Start your officer term off right and learn the ChapterSpot ropes!


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Admin Portal Feature Release

We heard what our organization partners have said and built an Admin Portal based on your feedback.  It is re-imagined and redesigned to fit your administrative needs.

Many of our organizations manage numerous chapters.  To make your operations easier our Admin Portal makes managing these groups less of a chore.  Our streamlined Admin Portal features an easy-to-navigate menu, clustering of sub-groups, fast search capabilities and a vamped up reporting section.  Find out more below!


Easy to navigate menu

Clustering of subgroups

Admin groups can now create “Clusters” or groupings of subgroups.  These clusters can be assigned to “managers”, who oversee the subgroups within the cluster.

Available client user ID search

Searching for a member has never been easier! All you need is the member’s first name, last name, or client user id.

New and improved reporting section

Easily generate the reports you need, across the whole organization. Once your report has been generated, it will be available for 7 days.

Stay tuned for more ChapterSpot feature releases!



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Feature Release: New Members Tab

New Members Tab

Our goal at ChapterSpot is to make managing your groups easier, so we’re continuously improving our products to help you do things quickly and efficiently. Keeping track of all your members and making sure that they can access all the information they need can be a tedious and laborious task. We’re here to help!

Today, we are excited to announce our new Members Tab. Same great features as before, but with a more intuitive workflow. Below are the highlights of our new Members Tab. We’d love to hear what you think!

View all your members at once

You can easily view all of your members or filter by status. From this section, you can conveniently select a few members or all members and perform a task. You can also download by status or your entire group.


Resend activation emails

Quickly view which members have been activated, select the ones that have not been activated, and resend activation email.


Update multiple members’ status

Update multiple members’ statuses by selecting the members you want to update and clicking “Update members’ status” from the Options dropdown.


Permissions section

We’ve also added the permissions section into the Members Tab so that you can easily see and edit each member’s permissions.


Assign new member’s permissions or roles

After inviting a member into your group, you can give them the permission they need, or assign a new role.


Let us know how this new Members Tab is working for your organization.  Stay tuned for more updates!


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Check out our new Finance Admin updates!

With the fall semester around the corner, we’re excited to announce our new updates to the Finance Admin! You can create custom payment plans for new members, and allow members to pre-authorize upcoming charges through their bank.

Did you know you could track the Stripe-to-Bank Account transfers amounts and divide them by charge tag?

When you create a charge, you can tag it to keep it organized for your records.  For example, housing dues can be tagged as “rent” and Panhellenic dues can be tagged as “national dues.” You can now track these transactions by tag to filter which charges appear on the breakdown by category.

To get to this page, go to Finance Admin –>  Bank Accounts, and click Transfers next to the bank account.
Screen Shot 2015-08-10 at 4.47.03 PM

You can click on charges under the “Initiated Date” tab.   Under the “Transfer Breakdown” tab you can see how much you are collecting and for which type of charge.


Screen Shot 2015-08-10 at 4.56.29 PM


Managing your groups’ budget and finances is easier with the updated Finance Admin tool!

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