Empowered Organizations



HQ Empowerment gives you unprecedented control over your ChapterSpot account.


To access HQ Empowerment features, click on the Organization tab from within your ChapterSpot account.

Here’s a quick runthrough of the Actions You Can Now Perform with HQ Empowerment–

Create a New Group Template:
Within your organization, not every group is structured the same. From colonies to alumni groups, your organization needs the flexibility to create multiple group templates.
With HQ Empowerment, you can now create a new group template with just a few clicks. You have complete flexibility to create new statuses and roles, choose communication settings, and default permissions. You’re also able to View and Edit Existing Group Templates– so you can make any necessary updates so your ChapterSpot account can evolve alongside your organization.

Create a New Group and Edit Group Information:
With HQ Empowerment, you now have more access to your groups and more information about them. Create a new group with just the click of a button. Then, have total freedom to edit information about the chapter, or delete chapters that are inactive or suspended.
Clicking on an individual chapter allows you to see which members are in which roles, and who has administrative privilege for the group. To edit the role, status, or member information for any individual, simply click on their name.

Member Search:
Member search allows you to pull up any member in your organization. Here, you can view their group, edit their member information, or delete them.

Group History:
Curious why a certain member has been deleted, or why the group no longer has a treasurer listed? Use group history to view changes to statuses, roles, and membership.

If you have any questions about how to use HQ empowerment, please get in touch with us at hello@chapterspot.com

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ChapterSpot Messaging. It’s How Chapters Stay Connected.



ChapterSpot Messaging is the easiest way for leaders to communicate with their groups via blast text or email.


Why ChapterSpot Messaging Can Change the Way your Chapter Operates

Are you using one service for email lists, and another for group texting, and still your most important messages get lost in the shuffle? Between these multiple communication platforms, many chapters suffer from an over-saturation of information, and their leaders just don’t have the ability to cut through all the noise and get their messages across.

ChapterSpot Messaging was built as a means to solve this problem. It allows you to quickly compose messages, easily fine-tune your recipients (be they alumni,  the members of the Flag Football team, or your pledge class), and choose how your message gets sent (SMS, email, or ChapterSpot message). Combine this with a mobile app built just for mass-messaging, and managing your chapter communications has never been easier.

How Do I Use It?

ChapterSpot’s messaging feature is one of the core capabilities of our group management platform. To use this feature, open up the ‘Messages’ tab, select ‘Create a New Thread’ and start typing your message where it says “Type here…” Next, choose who gets your message–select from your group’s different statuses, circles, or individuals. Then, pick how your message gets sent: via email, text, or ChapterSpot message. Hit ‘Send’, and see your words instantly travel to your user’s phones, emails, or ChapterSpot accounts.


Fun Facts

Over ⅓ of all ChapterSpot usage is from individuals sending messages.

A whopping 80% of those are sent as text messages!


Did you know?

Controlled access:

  • ChapterSpot messaging permissions are fully customizable for each organization. You can control which types of users are able to communicate with other users, grant unique communication privileges to certain roles, or restrict who has the ability to send the group blast text messages. When you don’t want all your active members spamming your alumni, or your overzealous advisor blowing up everyone’s phones–ChapterSpot messaging is your answer.

Communicate on-the-go:

  • Real groups need to be managed in real time. Did you know we have a ChapterSpot messaging app that allows users to access all this functionality from their mobile device? It’s your same set of powerful features, made mobile.


When to Use It:

  • As a means of communicating last minute location or time changes

  • As a way to remind members about an important upcoming meeting or deadline

  • As a more secure alternative to sharing information on social media pages


Real-Time Examples of our Users Putting this Feature to Work:

“Reminder: We’re cleaning the house at 4! Please be punctual! Thanks!”

“Exec has been cancelled tonight! Enjoy!”

“Pay your dues tonight if you haven’t already, or there will be a fine! Contact me if you have questions!”

“Formal Meeting tomorrow (Mon.) starting at 6:30pm, in the chapter room!!! New members show up at 7:00pm!”

“Grillin’ with the Greeks is cancelled tonight due to weather!”

“We have a New Member reception at 7pm, please be on time”


Watch this Video for an Inside Look at the ChapterSpot Messaging Feature!



And check out this Video to Learn about how your Organization can Customize ChapterSpot Messaging Permissions!


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