Award Applications with the ChecklistApp



ChecklistApp is the simplest, fastest way to collect and score awards applications from your chapters.


Benefits of using ChecklistApp for Awards Applications:

Did you know you can use ChapterSpot to automatically calculate scores for your awards applications? Turn hundreds of man-hours into just a handful by using the ChecklistApp to provide your chapters with an online awards application.


How it works:

For your Organization:

Easily set up applications for all of the awards you administer. Choose from a variety of response types, such as drop-down menus, short responses, essays, or file uploads. Then, automatically assign a score value to each of your questions. View your chapters’ progress as they work on their applications, and then view an automatically generated scorecard when they complete them. Say goodbye to reading through an endless volume of applications and manually crunching hundreds of numbers. With the ChecklistApp, experience the fastest, easiest way to manage your organization’s awards.

For your Chapters:

With the ChecklistApp, your chapters can view all of their upcoming deadlines and pending applications in one place. It’s a clear, transparent, and intuitive way for chapters to apply for awards. When Delta Chi started using the ChecklistApp for their awards, the number of applications increased by nearly 200%!

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Assign Forms, Documents, and Tasks with the ChecklistApp



ChecklistApp is the most versatile tool for your organization to collect forms, reports, and assignments from your chapters and members.


Benefits of the ChecklistApp:

The ChecklistApp allows you to maintain accountability for your chapters like never before. Use it to assign and collect forms, reports, and tasks. With ChecklistApp, you can receive, store, and access all the important information you need from your chapters, all in one place. Use it to collect chapter rosters, anti-hazing agreements, recruitment reports, and more. You can also use it to assign tasks, like attending National Convention, hosting a Founder’s Day event, or completing officer elections.

How it Works:

For Your Organization-

Easily create new forms or tasks, assign these to your chapters, and choose when they’re due. Receive email notifications when chapters complete their forms or tasks, then choose to accept or reject their submissions, and provide them with comments. Use your Dashboard to view submission progress by assignment, and by group.

For Your Chapters-

With ChecklistApp, chapters have a simple way to view and submit their required assignments. Once they’ve made a submission, it’s easy for them to track when their form or task has been accepted, or to make edits when it’s been rejected.


Check out this video to learn more!


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E-Learning with the ChecklistApp



E-Learning is the easiest way to share important information with your members and standardize training for your chapters. 


Do you know all the ways that your organization can put the ChecklistApp to work?

  1.     Accept forms
  2.     Automate Awards Applications
  3.     Provide E-Learning

In this post, we’ll take a closer look at E-Learning

Why You Need It Now:

By using the ChecklistApp’s E-Learning feature, you can standardize and control the quality of the information that your members receive. The ChecklistApp allows you to ensure that everyone is up to speed and on the same page regarding risk management policies, leadership expectations, and fraternity rites and rituals.

When to Use It:

Check out this video for our Top 3 Tips for Using E-Learning!

  • Recruitment Training
  • Risk Management Education
  • New Member Education
  • Leadership Training

How does it work?

For your organization:

Your organization uploads and shares videos with your chapters. Then, you assign questions to verify that your members have mastered your content.

Videos and questions can be assigned to your members based on their status or position, such as Presidents, or New Members.

With the ChecklistApp Dashboard, you’ll have a complete overview of all your E-Learning assignments. Use it to easily track what percentage of assignments are submitted, pending approval, and completed.

For your chapters:

Within the Checklistapp, chapters can view your assignments, watch videos and submit responses online, and then see if their submissions have been accepted or rejected.

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