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With the MassMailerApp, gain a powerful email and newsletter tool that tracks open and click-through rates, and overall alumni engagement. 


Connect with your Alumni

One of the most important, yet most difficult features for local chapters is sending out regular communications to alumni

Yet, we know how important this function is. Recent research in the fraternity space found that the best way to engage alumni is not through events, but through information. Irrespective of age, they found that members remain interested in the development of their chapters throughout their lives–Many alumni who can’t give the time to attend fraternity gatherings use newsletters to maintain their fraternal connections.

The problem with alumni newsletters that come from headquarters is one of personalization and relevance.This recent survey research found that what alumni truly crave is more information about their own chapters.

MassMailer was built to overcome exactly this challenge.


How Does it Work?

Your headquarters creates a Newsletter template that reflects the organization’s brand

Then, your chapters can use this template to easily send newsletters to alumni, whose email addresses will pull directly from your database.

Both the chapters and your headquarters can track the number of emails opened, the number of clicks per link, and the total number of emails sent and delivered

You don’t have to compromise your alumni privacy by sending out lists of their email addresses, yet they still receive regular updates and news delivered directly to their email inbox.

With MassMailer, give your chapters a simple and measurable means of engaging your alumni.


Check out this video to learn more!


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Chapter Websites

Screen Shot 2014-12-11 at 5.24.45 PM


With chapter websites, your groups can easily create sites that adhere to your organization’s brand. Plus, you’ll have the ability to monitor and evaluate their success through Google Analytics on all their sites.

What’s the Importance of a Chapter Website?

We like to think of chapter websites like your group’s business card. They’re often the first point of contact with your organization for many of your prospective members, brothers, parents, and alumni. In an age where organizations are judged on the strength of their websites, it’s important to think– are your chapter websites sending the right message? By providing your chapters with a unified website template, you can ensure that your chapters are helping your organization put its best foot forward.


What are some common problems we see with Chapter Websites?

Chapters recognize the importance of a good-looking website, especially when it comes to recruiting new members. That’s why, in our experience, we find that chapters are spending a ton of time and effort creating their own sites. It’s great to see chapters committed to building their public image, but even with the most conscientious webmasters, we see the same problem over and over again. Inevitably, the member with the technical skills graduates or transitions out of his position, and no one knows how to update the website or fix features when they break. Ultimately, that’s bad for the image of the chapter and the image of the national organization.

How can these be solved?

We’ve developed our chapter websites to help your groups avoid exactly this kind of problem. Your national organization designs the template–you choose what parts will appear on every chapter website, and which parts can be customized by the individual chapter.  With simple and intuitive inputs, your chapter’s webmaster doesn’t need an ounce of computer programming know-how to keep the site up to date and looking great.

Also choose which parts of the websites feed information to your national headquarters. For example, recent industry research shows that Alumni looking to reconnect with the fraternity are most likely to go to their individual chapter’s website first. By including a form for lost alumni, your organization can contact these individuals directly, rather than placing the burden on the chapter to do so.

Plus, all our sites are mobile-friendly and include Google Analytics tracking information for both the chapter and your national organization to keep track of the website’s performance.

It’s a headquarters’ job to create and perpetuate its brand– take this burden off your chapters by providing them with a simple, easy, and intuitive website template that always looks great.


Check out these screenshots of sample sites!


Back-end website editor
Back-end website editor



Sample Beta site
Sample Beta site


Sample AEPhi site
Sample AEPhi site


Sample PKT site
Sample PKT site

And contact us at for more information about how to incorporate chapter websites into your organization’s package.


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Headquarters Websites

Screen Shot 2015-04-29 at 11.55.43 AM


A ChapterSpot headquarters website is easy to use, easy to transfer, looks good, and is mobile ready.

It takes just 7 seconds to make a first impression. And you don’t get a second chance. Is your organization’s website representing you the way you want?

Many headquarters are sticking with an outdated website for too long because they assume it’s expensive and a lot of work to make an update. Did you know you can have a new website for your organization in just three weeks? By using the latest technologies, like Liquid Templating language, and WordPress backends, we can build a custom site, branded to fit your organization.

Don’t have your brand just how you want it yet? Branding no longer requires a big, permanent change. Because these sites are so customizable, as you change your brand, your site can easily evolve with you.

Here’s what some of our website clients have to say:

“Working with ChapterSpot to design our website was simple and easy, and the journey from concept to final product was quick! The new is a massive upgrade from our old outdated website. ChapterSpot was able to work with us to completely overhaul our online presence to better serve our brothers.” -Kent Hoffman, Director of Communications and Brand Standards, Triangle Fraternity

“Working with Chapter Spot on our Foundation’s new giving page both fruitful and fun. At every step, they were able to push us beyond our initial thinking to ultimately deliver a site our donors can be proud of supporting our Foundation through. Their focus on both the client and user experience was almost as incredible as how quickly they were able to get this project done.” – Brian Browne, Director of Development, Phi Kappa Tau Foundation

Take a look at a few recent examples:

Check out this video to get a look at some of our sites:

Want to discuss a new website for your organization? 

Get in touch with us at!

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Introducing: The ChapterSpot Branding Series



With ChapterSpot’s branding package, make sure every piece of your organization is working in sync.

Connect your Headquarters Website, your Chapter Websites, and your Alumni Communications under one clear, consistent theme.


***We are hosting a webinar no Dec 18, 2014 at 9:00 AM CST. Access the webinar here:, or Dial +1 (646) 749-3122. Access Code/Meeting ID: 553-378-901.***


In our experience, large nonprofit organizations have three unique needs when it comes to defining their brand:

1. The Brand needs to be clear and accessible

Every interaction that a user has with your brand should convey a uniform quality, credibility, and experience. Brands inspire loyalty and create community. But building a brand isn’t something that just happens, it comes as a result of a well thought out and strategic plan to unify every element of your organization under a single theme.

2. The Brand needs to be easy to maintain and pass on to successive leaders

Your brand needs to survive your leadership transitions. Imagine the inevitable moment when the guy or gal with the tech skills takes a new position–where will that leave your brand? Every organization needs to protect its online presence using tools that allow non-technical employees to make updates and post content through a simple and intuitive user interface.

3. The Brand needs to mobile-ready

In an age where 56% of all internet usage comes from mobile devices, your website needs to be mobile-ready. Beware of images that render poorly, navigation menus that get cut off, and sections that appear truncated. If your site isn’t ready to be viewed on the go, you’re giving up a huge segment of users who were seeking to engage with your organization–roughly 1 in 4 mobile visitors will leave a website that is not mobile-optimized.  With a mobile-ready website, encourage your visitors to stay longer and engage more.


The ChapterSpot branding package was designed with these three needs in mind.

Unify your Headquarter’s Website, Chapter Websites, and Alumni Communications under a single, consistent theme to convey your organization’s mission, values, and priorities. Is your current brand an accurate reflection of your organization’s story?

To learn more about how we can help develop and promote your organization’s brand,  please join us for our upcoming webinar on the ChapterSpot Branding Package, which will be held on December 18th at 9am. Or, get in touch with us at

Learn more here! 

Your members will love the results. Don’t just take our word for it….

The new DeltaChHQ website is the bomb. Seriously love what they’ve done with it. Great job! -Matthew M.

DeltaChiHQ new website and brand update looks great! #fresh -Addison S.

I don’t know about you, but I love the new branding campaign by DeltaChiHQ. Love the mobile site interface. -James C.

It only took 124 years… But DeltaChiHQ finally has a sweet website. -Mick M.

Kudos, DeltaChiHQ. The new logo and website look great! -Jim M.

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