3 Tips for Connecting with your Alumni Base


We always emphasize that to join a Greek organization is to join a lifelong community. Yet, after members leave their chapters, it’s hard to maintain that sense of community. In our experience, the best way to keep alumni connected to your sorority or fraternity is to facilitate engagement with their individual chapter.

In this post, we’ll share 3 ways your headquarters can help your chapters maintain an active alumni engagement program.


1. Provide a Structured Plan with Concrete Examples

Give your chapters a multitude of examples and suggestions for how to engage alumni so that every chapter can find something that fits their personality and circumstances. Undergraduate chapter members haven’t had the experience of being a fraternity or sorority alumnus, so it’s understandably challenging for them to know and understand what kinds of activities or information appeal to alumni. With insight from your staff, and feedback from your most engaged alumni, your headquarters is in a much better position to understand how your chapters can reach their alumni.

Provide them with a list of potential events and activities that fit different levels of time and budgetary commitments, and then provide specific instructions and suggestions for execution. An example suggestion is hosting a tailgate for the homecoming football game. In this case, you would make suggestions about when to contact alumni, what details to include, and strategies to get the alumni and undergraduates talking. By providing your chapters with structured and specific plans for engage alumni, your headquarters can help build and strengthen your organization’s overall sense of community.

2. Make it Easy

Your chapters invariably work best with clear formulas to follow, and tools that make their jobs easy. Give them a simple set of expectations, such as 2 alumni newsletters, and 1 alumni event per year. In addition, equip them with tools that help facilitate these tasks! With the ChapterSpot MassMailer app, give them a straightforward tool that allows them to send emails to their alumni using a template branded for your fraternity or sorority, with an integrated mailing list of chapter alumni that can automatically draw from your headquarters’ database. You can also encourage them to put their alumni events on their ChapterSpot calendar, and set these events to ‘public’ so that they automatically show on their ChapterSpot public website. With simple and intuitive tools, your headquarters can make alumni engagement so much easier for your chapters.

3. Reminders are Key

We recently ran a pilot program of the MassMailer app, and if there’s one thing that we learned it’s the power and necessity of reminders! Like it or not, hardly anyone will comply with a request the first time around. And emails are not as effective as you might think. By virtue of several email reminders, we were able to get 11% of our participants to send out an alumni communication. Using phone call reminders, we were able to bump that up to 78%. Help your chapters engage their alumni by holding them accountable! In most cases, the phone call reminder was a welcome opportunity for the chapter member to carve out a few minutes of his/her time and cross something off the to-do list.


If you’re interested in learning more about MassMailerApp or WebsiteApp, drop us a line at hello@chapterspot.com.